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Intro to Blockchain

  • CBS Kilden 14A Kilevej Frederiksberg, 2000 Denmark (map)

Is bitcoin the better form of money? Is it trustworthy? What is the
difference between bitcoin and blockchain? These are some of the intriguing questions which we will look into. Raimondas will share some of his findings in simple & easy to understand terms and practical visualizations. 

This is an explicit ASK ME ANYTHING session. That means that absolutely every question is welcome. We provide a safe environment so you can actually (!) understand what blockchain is all about. This type of event is suited best for beginners.

Raimondas Budvytis has no formal education or title to show. 
Technology has broken down barriers and given access to information like never before. Raimondas has taken full advantage of these opportunities. Educating himself through online lectures about economics, the monetary system he learned especially about the cryptocurrency bitcoin as well as its underlying technology blockchain. 

His sources of knowledge and inspiration are derived largely from: the american business magnate Warren Buffet, economist Richard Wolf, information security expert Andreas Antonopoulos and anthropologist David Grabber.